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Bluegrass IT & Computer Services offers a wide range of computer related services from standard maintenance to networking.
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“If you have a problem,  we have a solution!”

  • Networking

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    We can diagnose and troubleshoot most any type of PC related hardware.

  • Upgrades

    Let us do a FREE system inventory for you, to help you decide if an upgrade of your existing system is the right move.

  • New Systems

    All of our systems use as many standard components as possible, making them easily upgradeable!

  • Backup & Recovery

    If you need assistance or information on backup procedures, we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.


Whether you just want to connect 2 or 3 machines together for file, printer, Internet sharing, or you have a need for a dedicated server with multiple systems to network in an office environment, we can design, setup and maintain a network scenario that will fill your networking needs. For more information, Contact Us.


The standard system diagnostic is only $29 and includes a full hardware test, virus scan and file check. If you then decide to go ahead with whatever needed repairs, the system diagnostic is FREE, we only charge the actual cost of the repairs. Corporate maintenance & service contracts are available in several standard block packages. We can also custom configure a service/maintenance agreement to fit any hardware environment and budget. For more information, Contact Us.


Nowadays, with some older machines, it is just not economically feasible to spend the money necessary to permit an adequate upgrade. With our system inventory tests, we can give you an itemized listing of the exact size, speed and type of your major system components, as well as the associated upgrade costs. From there, you can decide if an upgrade is right for you. For more information, Contact Us.


We offer county-wide on-site diagnostic service for most in-warranty repairs and free pick-up & delivery for those situations where a unit must be brought in to the shop. Any necessary service work is all done locally, so there is never any need for you to have to take the system somewhere else or ship it off somewhere should you ever require service. All of our systems use as many standard components as possible, making any of them easily upgrade-able if at some point in the future you decide that you need more speed, larger hard drive, more RAM, better video, etc. Also, all new systems include Panda Cloud-based anti- virus/malware protection software. We use this ourselves & recommend it for use on all. For more information, Contact Us.


If you need assistance or information on backup procedures, we will be glad to assist you in any way possible. If you desire a permanent copy of your files, we will transfer any saved files to CD, USB Flash Drive or DVD for a nominal fee. As an added precaution regarding the safety of your files, we also offer onsite, offsite and cloud based backup scenarios to fit your backup needs. For more information, Contact Us.

On systems submitted for repair, we are not responsible for loss of any data, files or information. Depending on what type(s) of issues that have caused any existing problems, not all files can always be rescued. We do try to save and transfer as much as is possible from the hard drive(s) in each system, when requested, and will make every effort to do so, however due to viruses, file structure errors, hardware issues, etc., we cannot guarantee that any or all your files can be found and/or recovered.